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Personal Risk Management

Like your life, your risk profile is different and unique from anyone else’s. That’s why we tailor our approach to your specific needs and circumstances. So you can feel confident we’re preserving what matters most to you.

Our solutions include:

  • Life insurance – life, disability and severe illness cover
  • Medical aid
  • Asset insurance – building insurance, home content insurance, vehicle insurance and personal legal liability
  • Legal cover
  • Wills and estate planning

All the risk management you need, and nothing you don’t. 

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Each individual’s risk profile is different and unique, that’s why we take a tailored approach to ensuring that we preserve what matters most for each individual based on their unique needs and circumstances.


As business owners and entrepreneurs we work tirelessly to simply risk in complex times so that hard working business owners can preserve and maintain what matters most to them.


Employee benefits are a key part of any business’ talent retention and satisfaction strategy, that’s why we offer best-in-class employee benefit solutions and services.


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